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Fairy Tail: Rapunzel

Fairy Tail: Rapunzel

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♡ Hiatus ♡ By TheKonfusingKK Updated Mar 06

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!"

Long ago, there lived a young, beautiful maiden trapped inside a tall tower. It was a hiding spot from the outside world, but the maiden thought it was home. However, for every second she stayed in the tower, her curiosity only kept growing and growing. Oh, how she wished that one day she would be able to go outside...

A charming prince? Oh, no. It's just some scoundrel running across the town. At least, that's what the town's people thought. Prince Natsu. Oh, you'll like this one. Every woman would line up at the castle to get an approval of marriage to the handsome prince. It was mostly every girl's dream...

He had enough. The prince decided to escape the castle and disguised himself as a commoner. Along the way, he discovered an isolated tower where the fair maiden was kept locked away. He wanted to know. He was driven. Without hesitation, he climbed up the tall tower and a new adventure was about to begin...

- - Jun 18, 2016
Tbh, my mom could leave me at home the whole day and I still wouldn't do the chores! XD
CutieFerret CutieFerret Aug 09, 2016
In every horror movie, bad choices makes it good... Somehow.
StackingThoseBooks StackingThoseBooks Jun 21, 2016
I have to admit this chapter was kinda rushed.... (I'm not trying to be rude or bossy!) :)
CutieFerret CutieFerret Aug 09, 2016
FRYING PAN POWER!!!-- wtf, where is dat pan where u need it?? GIVE UP ON THE BOOK. NO FRYING PAN, NO ME READING BOOK
AmelieGowlett AmelieGowlett Oct 09, 2016
Ha first chapter in and we already see signs of insanity from Lucy
VeraVampier VeraVampier Feb 07
Elfman would disapprove. REALLY disapprove. "THAT ISN'T MANLY!!!"