The Mute Girl

The Mute Girl

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Dakota just moved from her home and to a town her mother grew up at, at her old school she didn't  talk at all and every one thought that she was mute. Somehow the rumors spread through her new school, she just can't get away from it.

Cole is the future alpha of his pack and the Jock of his school, he slept with almost all of the girls in his school. Until he meets Dakota who turns out to be his mate.

This is the mute girl's story.

YouGottaFriendInMe YouGottaFriendInMe Apr 15, 2016
That's nice. My teachers specifically used to pick on me for answers BECAUSE I didn't want to talk 😑😑 even though I was the quiet kid with all the answers, it was still more than annoying
Smithies Smithies Feb 25, 2016
I don't know why, but I imagine an actual oreo running down the stairs
chic_chocolate chic_chocolate Jul 21, 2016
I would love ti have that hoodie because that is exactly me.
n1cely8euph9ric n1cely8euph9ric Oct 13, 2016
OMIIGGGG XXDDD tbh surprised dat nobody commented on The Walking Dead XD WOAHH XXDDD
SierraBrown02 SierraBrown02 Sep 07, 2016
I have a dog named Oreo to !!!! But it's a girl so........😂
ElissaWilson ElissaWilson Nov 17, 2016
I read Oreo dug into the food, while I got cereal and ate him 😂😂