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Waking The Beast

Waking The Beast

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Madi By madimuffin1 Updated Jan 16

Kit, a young brunette with a wretched father and horrible past. She somehow manages to wrap  the most powerful man to exist around her little finger, the infamous Declan. Just not in the way you think. Fate has a way of pairing the weakest with strongest, complete opposites, and he will never let her go once he finds her.
  How far will he go to keep them together? How far will he go to keep her safe?
  Sample paragraph:
  "Declan?" I say trying to speak normally, but it comes out as a whisper. The large beast gives a low grunt causing me to flinch back a bit, he whimpers then circles around me before laying next to me on our bed. The thunderous noise starts up again, a noise which I now recognise as thunder, and he shoots back up again growling at the roof. I grimace at the sound a bit. Rodney used to make me sleep outside during the storms, but I don't think Declan would do that to me. Now I can ignore the fear I feel every time it strikes. Declan whines lowly, but this time, he is looking at me. I know he is upset that I'm scared of the thunder. I scoot myself up so that I'm propped up on the bed.

roses8489 roses8489 Feb 27
Honey say "can you get me some blood please?", you need tyo work on your manners
Ok so I must speak..... AHHHHHH I promised myself I would save this one for when it was finished... if it finished... but no, it seemed too good to not read! Now im stuck and have to continue reading, and I will cry when im up to date and have to wait for updates..... already feeling tears
I don't know why I was expecting Kit to be super strong and fiesty. Probably because her name sounds badass to me...
madimuffin1 madimuffin1 Dec 21, 2015
For some reason it keeps cutting off parts of the story and repeating words so sorry this chapter is so weird