The Mystery Girl

The Mystery Girl

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SweetBudder12 By SweetBudder12 Updated 6 days ago

The Demon was a mystery girl to others. She is emotionless and quiet most of the time. She decide to take the Hunter Exam to become a hunter. 

She meet four males who turn her life around. They would able to make her smile for the first time for a long time. 

Would she able to pass the Hunter Exam with Gon, Killua, Kurapika and Leorio? 

* Note:  Hxh doesn't belong to me, it's belong to the rightful owners. I only own my Oc and other characters that I place in. 
I accidentally detect this so please don't get mad at me!  (;^;)

Wow so goooooood I love it I should write  a story  toooooooo