Undertale: What If...?

Undertale: What If...?

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MattPad2099 By MattPad2099 Updated Mar 18, 2016

Undertale is a game with multiple endings, everything that you do redefines the whole world around you. But... What If...?

What if Sans found you first before Toriel?
What if Flowey was possessed by someone else?
What if Papyrus was evil?
What if Undyne never met Alphys?
What if Asgore had died before the events of the game?

What if... I was to tell you what would happen if those events had occurred?

I do not own anything related to Undertale.

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EffieTrinket1619 EffieTrinket1619 Nov 20, 2017
This comic dub i saw the other day:
                              Sans: Heya fruitloop. Whatcha got there.
                              Frisk is holding a Sans plush.
                              Sans: Yeah...thats not creepy at all. Aight, whatever makes you happy.
                              Frisk shoves plush into Sans's face. 
                              Frisk in a weird voice: Love yourself.
                              Sans slightly muffled: kid wot the f #@
IamKetchup21 IamKetchup21 Jul 21, 2017
5 minutes into friendliness pellets and chill he gives you that face...
AD_Gaster AD_Gaster Oct 09, 2017
I'm NEVER doing genocide. EVER. Welp... I'll just read on, anyway!
Ocelot109Gaming Ocelot109Gaming Aug 29, 2017
Oh! i remember a comic where Sans yells GASTER BALSTR after it
AD_Gaster AD_Gaster Oct 10, 2017
                              WAKE UP!
                              YOU'RE JUST NAPPING... right?
Ocelot109Gaming Ocelot109Gaming Aug 29, 2017
And when things got finnally happy then STRONGER THAN YOU FRISK VERSION JUST HAD TO PLAY IN!!