The Forsaken Mate

The Forsaken Mate

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The life of an alpha's daughter is easy- stay quiet, follow orders and pop out a few puppies when you meet your mate to continue the bloodline. 

I'd never liked easy. 

My father, Alpha Alexandros Knight is the greatest alpha in centuries- he was great because he put the pack above all else, even his only child. He expected the utmost obedience from every member of his pack- too bad I'd never been one to follow the rules. 

When he tries to decide my fate it doesn't go to plan... for him at least, and he discovers that although it may be a man's world, I'm not the average she- wolf and he'll never hold me down.

*Book two of The Mate series. No you don't have to read the previous book.*

Cover by @Ashihara.

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Phawni Phawni Jan 15
Trent553 Trent553 Aug 23, 2017
Guess he's still alive
                              He didn't die in the previous book but I'd always thought that grief would kill him...
                              Oh well!
11CDredge 11CDredge Jun 21, 2017
How she stares at the cracks like her mother did. It's such a small thing, and it may not even be an intentional link, but all the same, I love it!!!
secret1eh secret1eh Aug 23, 2017
Bitchh if I'm in bed either I'll be on my phone for 5 hours or I pass out immediately no in between
Phawni Phawni Jan 15
RORYYY 😭😭😭😭😭😭😫😫😩😩😩😢😢😢
asdfghjkl_mikaah asdfghjkl_mikaah Jan 17, 2017
I read the Resilient mate first before this omg THIS IS JENNA'S STORY OMG OMG