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Emilia Pearl life before she meet Christopher Dale was not the happiest but when she meet Christopher things just magically happen. 


But things didn't last forever though. Christopher change.
Became more obbses with his job than loving his wife and showering her with care and affection. 

Emilia battle through life physically and emotionally after Christopher left her for another girl. A girl who is better suited for him with the wealth and the family background that matche's his. 

Something that Emilia doesn't have.

How rude of you chris to talk to your wife like that.emilia should have slapped you in your freaking face for insulting her like that you stupid bastard.emilia you need to file for divorce papers before he does it girl.
I am somewhat in tears and sorry for emilia with heart problems and doesn't have the money to pay for it to get a new heart in her so that she may live and be happy and have children someday .