The underground fighter (GxG mates) *DISCONTINUED*

The underground fighter (GxG mates) *DISCONTINUED*

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Dragons_and_Wolves By Dragons_and_Wolves Updated Oct 10, 2016

Eclipse Moon is a underground fighter, know has the most ruthless and cold hearted, and strongest fighter out there, she has a little secret. She's a dragon/demon hybrid. The last of her kind. Her planet destroyed. Eclipse lives with a close friend and is 17 years old.

Blue Dawn, the next in line for the Alpha of the 'Shadow Crescent' pack. The worlds strongest pack. Blue is also a huge geek! She's the schools best student and smartest. Her best friend Gray, he finally convinces Blue to go to an underground fight for her 16th birthday, it's a till death fight.

What will happen when Blue finds out that the most ruthless fighter, Eclipse is her mate? Will she reject Eclipse or accept her? And will Eclipse's past come back to haunt her? 
Read and find out!!

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FanGirlInTheMaking FanGirlInTheMaking May 25, 2018
Uh, you don't forget something like that. Girl, just admit it, you were holding out on us.
Novaci Novaci Apr 23, 2017
I have spent the last 3 minutes trying to pronounce that right. Then remembered that her name is eclispe and that it is easier to just say her full name than to strain myself.
Voiceless_But_Loud Voiceless_But_Loud Dec 21, 2016
Lmao, Ashley my friend says the same thing she's always like anywhore
GriffinWest GriffinWest Feb 17, 2016
I read this as "I love you gays!" And I was like, "I love gays too."
NightcoreOrigin NightcoreOrigin Oct 03, 2018
Dont get me wrong im tall for a girl(6'3) but Jesus Christ she's a f-ing giant