Your mine and mine only Freddy X foxy( FREXY)

Your mine and mine only Freddy X foxy( FREXY)

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Christian 4 life :) By thman67 Updated Feb 18

A new type of story :D

Foxy a innocent animatronic fox is abused by everyone in the pizzeria after the bite of 87.  Foxy is shorter than Freddy and Bonnie which is why they take advantage of him. He has loved Freddy ever since he arrived there. Freddy however hates foxy ever since the bite happened and he constantly beats him every week. Foxy has a Freddy plush that he talks to and useless with when he sleeps. One day Freddy got angry and was about to go beat foxy when he heard foxy talking to someone. Freddy peaked his head through the curtains and noticed foxy talking to a Freddy plush. He was about to walk in when he heard foxy say the words. I love you Freddy. Freddy's attitude changed immediately and started to have feeling for foxy. Will Freddy make foxy his or will foxy not forgive him? 

(Freddy is dominate in the relationship)

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LittleLionLeon LittleLionLeon Jun 27, 2017
I immediately fell in love with the picture. It's so cute. Squeeeeeee.
*puts a force field around Pirates Cove and Foxy* If they disable it witch they won't cause I hide it very very well and its to advance for there dumbasses. FOXY YOU ARE SAFE Plus it makes whatever you want. Bunch of advance stuff to give the important stuff
MORE FORCE FIELDS *builds a force field for Freddy and Foxy*
LittleLionLeon LittleLionLeon Jun 27, 2017
Same. I hate Freddy x Chica. It has to be the boys together or I'm out. My favorite is Foxy and Freddy though :)
BonniexFreddyLove BonniexFreddyLove Sep 02, 2016
I hate Freddy x Chica too
                              Hands in the air Who hate this Ship too✋
Faiththefox1 Faiththefox1 Nov 07, 2016
Even though I'm really hating boogie right now, my two tops are fonnie and frexy , this story gives meh da feels! The funny thing is, for both those ships, foxy isn't Dom. I hate it when he's Dom. Don't really know why, but i always love my Dom freddy x foxy or Dom bonnie x foxy, I'm weird like dat!