Falling For The Opposite [PUBLISHED]

Falling For The Opposite [PUBLISHED]

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She's rich, he's not. She's the student body president, he's struggling to pass math. She's the queen bee, he's the loner in school. 

Celeste Graham is on the top of the high school food chain. Students look up to her, but some just plainly feel intimidated. Being popular isn't exactly the greener side of the meadow, but just one night of getting locked into the school with a "nobody" made Celeste feel normal and genuinely happy.  

Both of them bring a hidden side to each other. They might disagree most of the time, but that was a little price to pay for falling for their polar opposite.

Millie1369 Millie1369 6 days ago
Lol😂😂am I the only girl in the world that actually has ridden on a bike since she was like 6?
Mmmendes1998 Mmmendes1998 5 days ago
SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!! ♥ ♥ I'm crying 😭 😭 😭 tears of joy
is that how school works ?? fortunately i still can leave my school tho
AshleyHipol AshleyHipol Oct 14
I already read this in your published book,it is so nice and I'm in love with it,the end is so cool and cheesy💘
I never shouldve watched the video now i picture the characters as them... is it only me that likes to see the characters as i make them up?