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The Boy In The Silver Kimono

The Boy In The Silver Kimono

24.7K Reads 895 Votes 14 Part Story
HOMESTUCK By NormalIsUnnormal Completed

Artemis , a college student working a late job at the Kusanagi shrine, one day stumbles upon a rather odd artifact, causing him to fall into the garden that the god, Zeus, had created for the gods to learn about humans. 

As he meets the gods, something seems wrong.. They're all obsessed with him! Can he make his way through the full 365 days of a year, or will he give into the love that is forced upon him?

Meow. OK... That was weird but I wanted to say it anyway, so MEOW
-_OtakuFujoshi_- -_OtakuFujoshi_- Dec 28, 2016
That's so cheesy I can almost smell it....but that's kinda cute
the cover is actually fanart of kasen kanesada by ihirotang (
                              the fact that i correctly guessed it was him is either
                              a) amusing or
                              b) horrifying. shows just how much two years in sword boys hell has changed me
WarBlazeN WarBlazeN Dec 19, 2016
Why is his name artimes it's just confusing when you are talking about the gods
mellie_bankshall mellie_bankshall Apr 19, 2016
Cute and possessive be scared if ya try take his guy he might steal your soul
_tiny_42 _tiny_42 Apr 07, 2016
*pathetic fangirl  whine* WHY DOES EVERY ONE FORGET ABOUT THOR