The New Student; A modern day SasuNaru

The New Student; A modern day SasuNaru

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Naruto just started at his new school to escape the bad history at his old one and instantly catches the eye of Sasuke. Although Naruto's eye has been caught by someone else. 

At first Naruto hates Sasuke because of how creepy he looks and acts. One day though Sasuke saves Naruto from some school bullies who don't like how he smiles goofily all the time, well that's what he says but is that the real reason. 

Will they become close friends or will they stay the same. Will Sasuke ever make his move? Will Naruto return his feelings if he does? What drama will happen along the way?

Rated pg13 for now *wink wink*

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                              Shenandoah is the name of one of my mother's friends...
                              (Sorry, I just always find it cool when I see people with the same name as somebody I know...)
D0eEy3d D0eEy3d Jun 12
Clearly none of you have seen Boruto, she is a boss as bitch in Boruto, best mom award goes to Sakura
                              Your as strait as a noodle after it got wet?
                              *Suggestive Smirk*
Are u pfft whaattttt noooo OF COURSE YOUR GAY ONLY FOR MY BABY AND IF I SEE THAT PINK HAIR- nvm I’mma continue my reading
ai43405 ai43405 2 days ago
We need to go to the court man, this should NOT happen!!!😣😣😣😣😣😣
Nooooo,  you are supposed to be fangirling over Sasuke and not Sakura