I am Veronica (bwwm)

I am Veronica (bwwm)

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{Interracial} & {Completed}

~Book one~

 Veronica Carter is an easygoing girl. She has two best friends who have her back, a boyfriend she loves a lot, and a lot of hair. All a black girl could want in high school. 

And then an idiot strolls into her life. Enter, Chris DeVito, the tall, annoying guy she's paired with in class. He's the opposite of short Veronica. It doesn't help that he's irritating beyond belief with a gross sense of entitlement. Or so Veronica thinks.

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flawhz flawhz Jun 28, 2017
So we're just gonna ignore how disrespectful this bitchass is?
zpage45678 zpage45678 Oct 30, 2017
Nobody comment on this guys pick up line 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
JordanAshley555 JordanAshley555 Jul 05, 2016
Man, what?! I sort of hated my honors classes because of that too. I would b so bored waiting for others to catch up all the time. But sometimes it helped tho. When no one got something, the teacher went over slower for them.
JordanAshley555 JordanAshley555 Jul 05, 2016
That's annoyingly specific. I hate when schools do that. My school ended at 2:48. Just bc. They finally changed it to 2:50 this year.🙄
feet1298 feet1298 Nov 29, 2016
This book is good af....haven't had a book this good in a minute
ABigBowlOfCereal ABigBowlOfCereal Dec 23, 2015
Wtf? How the hell you reward someone with more work? That teacher gotta be smoking crack.