I am Veronica (bwwm)

I am Veronica (bwwm)

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{Interracial} & {Completed}

~Book one~

 Veronica Carter is an easygoing girl. She has two best friends who have her back, a boyfriend she loves a lot, and a lot of hair. All a black girl could want in high school. 

And then an idiot strolls into her life. Enter, Chris DeVito, the tall, annoying guy she's paired with in class. He's the opposite of short Veronica. It doesn't help that he's irritating beyond belief with a gross sense of entitlement. Or so Veronica thinks.

That's annoyingly specific. I hate when schools do that. My school ended at 2:48. Just bc. They finally changed it to 2:50 this year.🙄
snickerbear12 snickerbear12 Feb 08, 2015
@volleyball_my_22 Omfg it's by the way, I replied to the wrong comment ahaha.
saltyhttp saltyhttp Sep 28, 2014
im not looking for trouble but  the way shes describing this girl seems like shes ugly
justforthelols justforthelols Sep 22, 2014
if he said that to me someone would need to hold me back b4 i sharkeshia this niqqa ohhhh u lucky they on school proper
DeedyBaby DeedyBaby Jul 08, 2014
What's wrong with an Afro or a weave mine are nice malasian kinky curly wig
Jellycc Jellycc Jul 07, 2014
"just afro" lol does he know the work that goes into that perfection? lol why he gotta do her like that