You and I, and Him

You and I, and Him

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Lani Morrison By LaniMorrison Updated May 11


Sophia Montgomery has never exactly been the most 'popular' girl in school, in fact, most wouldn't even exactly classify her as known. Though one poorly written college essay later and her world as she knows it is turned upside down. After her school guidance counselor tells her to stop playing it safe, and to take a risk in her life, and her writing, everything around her starts to change. But things don't just stop at a difference in her appearance. Sophia's been crazy about Liam for years and has despised Nate for just as long. But with things suddenly changing around her, so do her feelings, and that's when everything becomes a mess and what she thought she knew is questioned. Because sometimes what you want, isn't always what you need.

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Lyraur Lyraur 5 days ago
This is very well-written. I really thought this was a good opening for the book, especially how detailed it is.
smolclaire smolclaire Feb 16, 2017
                              ANYWAYS, this is a great start even though it is just the prologue. You've introduced your character well and I can't see a lot of potential for this story to turn out great!
Courtney_Koska Courtney_Koska Oct 04, 2014
aww, poor thing. hung up on a guy that most probably broke her heart...can I kill him now?
TURTLES2001 TURTLES2001 Oct 03, 2014
This is so descriptive and good 0-0
                              And now I'm going to HAVE go read this, not just as a payment, because it's really interesting 0_0
                              Really awesome, I love this prologue !!!
ineffabley ineffabley Sep 30, 2014
Love love the trailer really good xD It's a really good prologue because it makes you wonder, okay so is she kissing Nate or Liam xD And makes you want to keep reading to find out. Keep up the good work! :D
dlowato dlowato Sep 27, 2014
I'm in love with trailer everything fit perfectly! You make everything so good!