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MaybeManhattan By MaybeManhattan Updated Jul 07

Anastasia Rosenburg, like every other human, has no clue about the existence of werewolves. 

The mythical creatures abide all over the world; but their king, the Alpha of all Alphas, lives in the frozen lands of northern Canada. 

Only a handful of leaders and wolves have ever seen him. However, from what had been heard of him, he was horrifying. The news of his high society pack's killing sprees were undeniable. Every wolf feared him. 

The humans, however, lived in ignorance. None of them knew about werewolves or about their king. But, for one human, that was about to change. 

Thrown into a world of werewolves, Anastasia had never heard of mates until she had one of her own: the King. 

He's unlike anything she's ever seen; beautifully arrogant, undoubtably handsome, suspiciously self-aware, painfully mighty, and overwhelmingly

... primal.


Story by @MaybeManhattan
Cover by @hesocean

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Kimi_2000 Kimi_2000 Jul 07
Re reading this because I forgot the plot and you updated today😭😭
NMalik_ NMalik_ Jun 05
Lion must be feeling very offended  while the tiger would be like meet me in forest someday
Popptycorn Popptycorn Jul 11
who else came here right after reading the code of the alpha
Girl I just finished the alphas code in less than a day and I am probably going to do the same with this one
brookek13 brookek13 Aug 03
everyone is raving about the last line and it makes me so angry bc the author clearly didn't come up with that and didn't cite who did- that's just plagiarism
That last line got me like
                              Hey I remember that quote!