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❝ MAMÍ ❞ By soberjustin Updated Nov 20

In which a girl decides to sell drugs to a man but unexpectedly ends up getting into much deeper situations. 

Which might cost them both their lives.

#IllegalFF // soberjustin 2015. 
All Rights Reserved.

cover by: @secutegrxnde

*stands up as tears falls out of eyes violently shades head and claps super fast*
Oh don't you start with that innocent shít I know you want *dramatically gestures to my body* aaaaallllll a this *tries to wink**eye twitches*
likejenners likejenners Oct 03
Damn I wish my dad was this caring he never asked me how I was doing gtg cryinf
Even though he just went into a rampage about the reservation lmao
Oh yeah no I'm fine *i say as I slowly choke to death underneath the table*