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My mom didn't understand why it was so awful that "that a cute little girl" had held my hand. She thought I should be friends with her. "You like soccer. Why don't you go out there are kick the ball around?"
Because I didn't want to be kicked around, that's why. And although I couldn't say it like that at the time, I still had enough sense at age seven and a half to know that Julianna Baker was dangerous.

What did a kiss feel like anyway?
Somehow I knew it wouldn't be like the one I got from Mom and Dad at bedtime. The same species, maybe, but a radically different beast. Like a wolf and a whippet. Only science would put them on the same tree.
Looking back, I like to think it was at least partly scientific curiosity that made me chase after that kiss, but it was probably more blue eyes.

When Bryce Loski and Julianna Baker first meet in the second grade, Juli knows it's love. Bryce isn't so sure.

All movies are better than the Percy Jackson movies. *shivers*
Mishy_Me Mishy_Me Sep 22, 2016
What?!? Kay.. Kamo na eh. Ndi gd magpa wifi da. Sory gd may mga issues ang kabuhi ko
WinterChase1932 WinterChase1932 Aug 17, 2016
XD. Percy Jackson is THE example of the worst book adaption EVER.  No offense to the writers... Yay to Rob Reiner!
iFabulous iFabulous May 29, 2016
There's a copy of it online somewhere, I don't download, I just read.  I found a copy of it and reading it twice already.
Sierra_Diamonds Sierra_Diamonds May 22, 2016
I searched for this book everywhere......libraries, bookstores, apps. Couldn't find it. Then I found it a year ago.
Sarah4president Sarah4president Mar 12, 2016
I read this book before I got the app orrigianaly, but I just LOVEE 
                              this book soo much I HAD to read it again