Big girls need loving too (1st book)

Big girls need loving too (1st book)

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Kodakblack❤️ By AmayaGarner2 Completed

17year old Angel Dawson always get bully about her weight. It sucks being the fat girl but she starts to get comfortable with her body. But that doesn't stop people from talking about her. 

What happen when her dream to have a boyfriend comes true. 

Can she handle that?

18year old Cameron jerkins is a young hustler in the streets. He does it for his single mom with 3sons. He don't like people making fun of other people. He don't see big, fat,or skinny he sees what a person have inside their heart.

What will happen when he's sees a girl being bully that he likes. What would he do?

This book is not to downsize skinny girls! I'm just putting big girls in the spotlight for once.

buttercupB buttercupB Aug 21
Omg same my friends talked about my relationship with the boys but i was young back then so
I hope she's knowns that they are as fake as they come because real friends stick with you and not be a against you on the low down and dirty snakes that they are
That family make me so dam sick why would they tell a twelve years old that why isn't daddy really around I think mom had something to do with that why dad not around his child
Just because she's not skinny like most donest mean she f.a.t. but it means: phatt :pretty healthy attractive talented so for those skinny girl think that its fun to make jokes of a woman with lots of curves the shame them and shute your mouth up for a change
Cute_Amaya Cute_Amaya May 12
Same name Amaya.  Anyway... Those friends aren't real friends. They're bummy
PrettyDess4 PrettyDess4 Aug 14
At least some of these parents teaching the right way
                              If it aint thick then its sick