One Glance

One Glance

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Laura By littleLo Updated 2 days ago

The Napoleonic Wars have kept Captain Luke Cassidy away from home, and away from his wife and son, for three years. 

There was nothing more in his life that Luke wanted than to see his son for the first time. There was nothing more in his life that Luke wanted than to reunite with his family after three long years apart.
But just as Britain can begin celebrating victory, Luke suffers an injury at the hands of the French that will change his life, and the life of his family, forever.

Can a marriage between two people that have spent more time apart than together survive such a test? Or will Luke and Isabella succumb to the obstacles in their way?

Not everything is as it seems.

Maggie1283 Maggie1283 Dec 13, 2016
I will definitely cry for this story..that's for sure.. #littlelo made me crazy...her story made me laugh, cry, giggle and hate for the annoying characters...always, her story were near to #perfection...#nothingtocompare...her talent in writing is #awesome...❤️❤️❤️
pateroshill pateroshill May 12, 2016
Isabella was wiser than I expected! :-) I hope chapter one is an indication that we will be hearing Commander Lockwood's story when One Glance is done!
tiggerinwhite tiggerinwhite Jan 23, 2016
He may loose his memory or as scyouknow13 said he may turn out to be blind from this and he will never be able to fulfill his one wish and that was to see his son for the first time. War time is horrible on family.
hearthackers hearthackers Jan 17, 2016
for a moment I was wondering that I had read a similar story !!
MackieJay MackieJay Dec 29, 2015
Oh man, I'm coming here from One Chance and I'm SO excited for this story! You set up the scene for Luke/Isabella very well in One Chance, so I cannot wait to see how their relationship plays out three years later. :)
purplepinkpower purplepinkpower Dec 26, 2015
I read one chance and i totally loved it....and now am excited about this book:)