Avatar The Last Airbender: Water and Fire [ON HOLD]

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SEWong By SEWong Updated 4 years ago
(A fan-fiction) Mi Li is a young girl faced with the hardships of war and social acceptance. But when the war abruptly and mercifully ends, she faces the next great challenge of her life; unveiling her perilous past and discovering her present and future responsibilities. The turn of events brings great change in herself and those around her. This is Mi Li’s story...
i love it. be sure to check out my book elements it is about avatar too the next avatar after korra
I enjoy this story so far and I am going to use it as inspiration for my own personal series I am going to create.
@jellysandwich98  Here's a website that has every Avatar Book 1-3 episodes! Enjoy!  :3
i used to love the show.. i actually found a link to all of the episodes but those got deleted now so all i have is these stories... this is really good :)
First of all its pronounced Ang not ong, Second it is not soaka its SOKKA!!! and Kataras charracter was pitiful... my family is banned from watching that movie... I love Avatar!!!
Avatar was always my favorite TV series. I was so peeved when they screwed it over trning it into a movie!!!!