The Wallflower book Club

The Wallflower book Club

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*Humble request- If you can't follow the guidelines then please don't enter in the club*

Welcome to Wallflower book club. 

This book club is for increasing reads, votes and comments on your book.
Our aim is to help writer's become better. We will help you in improving your writing skills, gain more readers as well as honest feedbacks.

To join this club, just fill out the form.

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Just a question I'm not 100% clear on—do I have to comment constructively on all 3 chapters of the BOTW? Or do I just read it and then leave one comment once I'm done chapter 3?
Haadiiiyah Haadiiiyah 4 days ago
Hi, I don't understand something, how will the admin know about the points?
KawaiiAeon KawaiiAeon Aug 17, 2017
Do we have to read the books of all the people in the group? Like, If there are 5 people, do I have to read books of all 4?
Hashiba-Sensei Hashiba-Sensei Dec 11, 2017
What if my book's title is in Japanese terms but it's content is English
LilyGarajone LilyGarajone Jun 10, 2017
So are we writing three comments or one three-line-long one? 
                              Sorry I get confused a lot
idontcareth0 idontcareth0 Sep 11, 2017
I read the whole thing but didn't see where this question was answered: do you allow 18+ books in the book club?