Kunoichi ↬ Gaara

Kunoichi ↬ Gaara

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زارا By zarahyugavaldez Completed

As a young Girl trains to become a shinobi she makes an unexpected friend. Sharing the same fears he has she understands him more than anyone. But what happens when this understanding turns into love? 

Cover credits: @Bry_anime


Kami is not god.  Kami are spirits that inhabit the unseen world. I did a project all about shintoism the most famous god is Amaterasu the sun goddess.
I would comfort him and buy him what he wants and do what he wants
I'm not even feeling sorry for her , she literally just broke into his home to steal and she apparently does it on a regular basis.
AndWeWereAllLike AndWeWereAllLike Nov 03, 2016
                              Why do I say this wrong, even when trying to say it right?
If there is really no iron in that village why not travel to another one. And when you have iron and use it does it suddenly just disappear off the face of the planet ? Why not re-use it ?
You know that there are iron fillings in sand so, you don't have to break in the peoples households.