The Opposite Sister ( Brothers Conflict Fanfic)

The Opposite Sister ( Brothers Conflict Fanfic)

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Yamiko Hinata.

She is Ema's big sister. Actually she is not your normal girl. She was actually the opposite of Ema. She is tough,cocky, and very mysterious. On her former school she was known to be Akuma Kaichou and Captain of the Schools Kendo Club. She was feared yet respected. But behind the strong and tough personality a depressed,sorrowful,lonely and broken heart lies. 

But in twisted fate her Father Rintarou Hinata a famous Adventurer was married by a famous Tycoon Business Woman, named Miwa Asahina.

And viola!! In Flash of lightning she had gain 13 siblings!!. 13 brothers.

And due to some emergencies she cannot attend their wedding. So she promised she would attend their anniversary instead.

1 year had passed and all most all of the brothers are in love at Ema  and this current time. Yamiko is finally going to her new home.

What would be the brothers reaction if they meet their imuto's opposite sister?

iamsmiley09 iamsmiley09 Sep 17
I wonder how she will feel when she finds out most of them have kissed her I hope she will go all protective big sister mode and yell at them all lol
AshuraNya AshuraNya Apr 20
Funny thing is, when I read this I was listening to Disturbed - The Vengeful One. LOL I think just the title says it all xD rock song
About to land japan 😂 that is amazingly funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
nenatales nenatales Jul 23, 2016
Have to agree the images played at soo well and the story line is going so smoothly
ANIMEFREAK1125 ANIMEFREAK1125 Sep 12, 2016
Once i read knight in shinning jeans I thought of Karamatsu😂
nenatales nenatales Jul 23, 2016
Third year I thought she was only gone a year!? You know doesn't matter cause that cute as flippers chipmunk is worth it. Plus the amazing intro you just pulled off... like it had such a good amount suspense. Like wowz