Badass ↓ jimin

Badass ↓ jimin

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Yoon Hye Jin, she is a scary girl. She doesn't wear make up and she hate shopping and whatever the other girls did. She is a gangster and have a group and she is the maknae.
She likes to bully someone with her friends soeun and jina. She's cruel and no one can change her.

But, there are a new boys. 

What happen to hyejin after that? Can she change?


was once called 'Gangster in luv'



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At least this isn't a story where the main person is getting bullied
SunniBloom SunniBloom Mar 26
Actually it's not because imagine yourself getting beaten up wouldn't it hurt? For me it probably look painful.
meli50577 meli50577 Mar 11
Me:*sees summary* wow I've never seen a accurate description of me before lmao
okaaayyyy i'm quite violent in this story....... i thought it was gonna be the type of badgirl that just hates everyone and kicks a bunch of but not like this....😅😱😂
senayoongs senayoongs Mar 27
in reality, i cant even watch someone getting hurts, blame hyejin she said it herself not me
Dude she is psycho I mean it's funny when someone gets hurt but don't go to the extent where you beat them up