The Past is a Painful Thing [OHSHC]

The Past is a Painful Thing [OHSHC]

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Nǐ hǎo! By Taylor1723 Updated Oct 10

'Tell me, who are you?'
"I am Maximillion Himitsu."
'Who do you serve?'
"The Boss."
'Would you give up your life when ordered?'
'Do you matter?'
'Can you have emotions?'

Max is just a Martial Artist, nothing more.
But if that were so, how would Max be able to master multiple ancient techniques and have a great amount of knowledge on technology,
And no one knows about Max's past. Not even Kyoya can find anything before a year ago. (Haruhi's Last Middle School Year)
Max, after a tragic incident, cares only about training and getting stronger to prepare for the future ahead.
To get stronger and it's a requirement, Max makes it into Ouran Academy on a Martial Arts Scholarship.
What will happen when The Ouran High School Host Club takes interest in the young fighter's ways and strives to find out 'his' past.
If only they knew 'he' was a she!
Max is in for a wild ride as The Host Club tries to thaw Max's cold, once warm, heart.
And along the way will she find love as she tries to make up for her past mistakes?


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Why am I ALWAYS right? Ppl would pay to have that ability!!!!!
The way it says you can't see what was there makes me think of Undertale, I like it🙂
What does Alias mean? I've never heard of that b4...(cause I'm barely 12)
KillerInRedHeels KillerInRedHeels Mar 25, 2016
That was wonderful! The intro was great and the format was interesting and suspenseful. The writing you used was great and the character you choose was very different.
LeprechaunOnline LeprechaunOnline Aug 21, 2016
That is the best description I've ever read for those two devils
AceTheSilverDragon AceTheSilverDragon Jul 10, 2016
Haha, just fell out of my bed and spat the pocky I was eating out!😂