My twin mates (M+M+F)

My twin mates (M+M+F)

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Mason and Madison are twins of the prophecy. They are hybrids half vampire, half werewolf, and half warlock. There on this journey to find there all powerful mate.

Can they find him in time or will it be to late. What happens when there mate never dreamed of haven two mates let alone a guy. Will he reject him and keep his twin sister or will Mason leave. 

Read to find out !!!!!

  • vampire
  • werewolf
Wouldn’t it be a third of each not a half? Cuz there is 3 different beings
Thedivinefeminine Thedivinefeminine May 06, 2016
Flavour of the week.....
                              Not creepy at all (note all sarcasm)
I don't think there's anything wrong to be a stripper but to do it with your brother...
BESTQUEEN9856 BESTQUEEN9856 Jul 05, 2016
All I'm thinking right know is if he has more legs arms eyes or maybe even heads
ZareenSS ZareenSS Feb 08
Nobody would say thst cause you can't get pregnant from different people at once
the_escapee the_escapee Sep 12, 2015
sorry but nOPE bro i wasn't rlly thinking that I was thinking abt now cool it would b to b a werewolf/vamp/warlock hybrid and how you can't have like more than one naturally biological dad ngl (well with science these days idk)