akaashi keiji x reader 【discontinued】

akaashi keiji x reader 【discontinued】

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❀ ouma kokichi no mono ❀ By akaashoe Completed

akaashi keiji is drop dead gorgeous it is canon guys

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SaigeRosilina SaigeRosilina Jun 05, 2017
 #Relatable... he is mine tho! I WILL BE THE OBLY ONE FOR HIM!!! Also my camera roll is literally Keiji
SleepingwithOtakus SleepingwithOtakus Oct 10, 2016
Lol I actually have light blue curtains in my room next to my bed
erikation erikation Feb 23, 2017
                              If I cut my arm off.
                              Will his just flop down too?
-busanwings -busanwings Aug 25, 2016
UGH!! I thought it was from volleyball and the bruise on his forehead was because of a stray ball from the great horned Bokuto..( ≧Д≦)
Sissy_matsouka Sissy_matsouka Feb 08, 2017
Dàmmit. That's the arm I write with thanks a lot you gorgeous peace of trash
-busanwings -busanwings Aug 25, 2016
I cant believe i'll cry becuz of a headcannon in an Author's Note... Bruh!