Forcibly Theirs

Forcibly Theirs

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Chocolate Lover By ChocolateLover1412 Updated Apr 05, 2017

When life takes a sudden turn from better to worst, there'd still be this small hope which keeps one moving, that one's life would take another sudden turn to the better.

But when life has been a bitch from the very begining, hope never bothered to start for it to continue, and one would stop believing.

Meet Ria

A boy abused his whole life by his own flesh and blood, his mother, for a crime he never committed.

What happens when he runs from something bad, to worst, like supernatural creatures that he never got the chance to read about.

Werewolves? They exist in this hopeless story.

And Ria is just another human victim selected by the moon goddess to grace two, dominant alphas, Gabriel and his twin brother, Chase, in their lives, as their mate.

He stumbles upon a world full of mythical creatures, and they aren't planning on letting him leave their side anytime soon.

Will be out soon!

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- - Oct 07, 2016
This was pretty good! I can't wait to read what happens next!
-TheLastGayTimelord- -TheLastGayTimelord- Nov 29, 2016
My lesbianess is really showing cuz I'm like cool whatever and everyone else is like 'have meh babies!! So beautiful! *swoon*'
YukiSora1 YukiSora1 Jan 22, 2017
really goood story.
                              i like how its written and it is really interisting.
                              looking foraward to the next chapter
janicej2016 janicej2016 Nov 30, 2016
Skin that BITCH! How dare she!! Geez, I would've killed someone who would decide to do that to me. Literally. Well, at least, if said someone is near me.
DatOneArcher DatOneArcher Oct 09, 2016
I wouldn't care if she was my mom. I'd still cut her.Gif:
Dark_Gamer_Lord Dark_Gamer_Lord Feb 13, 2017
I see no appeal in men... id rather stick to my own anime image of the twins (~-_-)~