Book Of Girl Problems

Book Of Girl Problems

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《MrKimJong-In》 By Exocusemesir Updated Nov 27

A list of girl's problems!!

I just wanna make it clear that these problems dont just occur to girls. Guys can get periods, agender people can wear makeup etc. i would change the name of this book but i dont know what to change it to.

I myself identify as male, i started this book a while ago before i decided to accept i was in fact FtM (for those who dont mind the terms FtM/MtF)

Thank, now enjoy my book :)

It's like it tells you 'hi congrats you DONT have a baby inside you..... NOW GO TO HELL!!'
Isnt the hole point of being a lesbian to not have a man in the relationship
My boyfriend and I were talking about it and he said there was no way it could last for a week. He thought it only lasted a day. :-)