i'm sorry | jungkook

i'm sorry | jungkook

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"my life was bad enough already and you just had to come in and make things worse." 

he could feel a splash of guilt slap across his face.

"I-I'm sorry."

[includes : depression]

start: 25th nov 2015
completed: 29th dec 2015

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Holy_Suga Holy_Suga Oct 18, 2017
So the making out locker place is close to your locker...well, THE BREAKING UP PLACE IS CURRENTLY ON MY LOCKER
Dafuq_Bishh Dafuq_Bishh Dec 25, 2017
So true.. It's better being alone. I've already gave up on friendship.. No more bullshits
setrouve setrouve Jan 02
my mom highkey would’ve taken her slipper and beat me with it
nicole2litt nicole2litt Aug 27, 2017
In our school were just all faking we act like we care and got each other's back but tbh were just using each other to get what we want
Galaxy_Luna_Colisao Galaxy_Luna_Colisao Nov 27, 2017
I was actually born a mistake. I never met my father. not that I care though -_-
Victim49 Victim49 Jan 01
Yeah, I prefer being alone in a dark place but still people tried to get in