i'm sorry | jungkook

i'm sorry | jungkook

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chloe ♡ By blondejeon Completed

"my life was bad enough already and you just had to come in and make things worse." 

he could feel a splash of guilt slap across his face.

"I-I'm sorry."

[includes : depression]

start: 25th nov 2015
completed: 29th dec 2015

kaetlyncruz kaetlyncruz Aug 05
                              I love ya mom, dont think bad , its just a comment
kaetlyncruz kaetlyncruz Aug 05
My lyfe, i hate it, my friends would leave me because i became sooooooo boring to talk with since i lost confidence, when my first ever best friend in school Bullied me 😢😳
Astraphix Astraphix Jul 23
When you have a depression disorder like SERIOUSLY that happened to me
wingsinst wingsinst Jul 22
i dont study i failed my math test why u gotta shove it in my face
-ungiii -ungiii Aug 22
I got bullied when I was smaller and my parents didn't even know, I just told them recently and they just said "Stop making stuff up" They probably don't believe it at all cause I'm always smiling, and in school I'm known for smiling and laughing a lot
Astraphix Astraphix Jul 23
Sometimes when I cry I play sad songs..don't tell me I'm the only one .-.