(NEW) Hetalia X Reader Lemons

(NEW) Hetalia X Reader Lemons

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Kiku AHonda By NyoJapanKiku13 Updated Sep 07

Your pov(1st person)

Me and Alfred have been sleeping together for a while. He was my first, and it sucked. He just went straight to the point, and only he came. He never even tried to make me happy, no foreplay, no eating me out, no nothing. I needed relief.

Tonight, Alfred is gonna turn 2p for a while. So for all the times he didn't relieve me, I better do it myself tonight...


"Okay (y/n), I'll be back to normal tomorrow." Alfred said, closing the door to our bedroom. "Okay Alfie." I mumbled, going to the bed.

I lay down and part my legs, putting a hand in my panties. I rub my clit, while thinking dirty. I rub it harder, whimpering. "(Y/n), I forgot to tell you to lock--" Alfred walked in, but froze when he saw me playing with myself.

I yank my hand out of my panties and panicked "A-Alfred?!" I gasped, looking at him. Alfred blushed "(Y/n), you could just want till we did it again." He said, making me look down. "Hahaha! You fucking idiot! She's doing it...

When ur life is so sad that you literally keep a tally chart of how many times you and your girlfriend did it Alfred:OI!*cri*
What flavor? Chocolate? Strawberry? Vanilla? The possibilities are endless.
Gdemon56 Gdemon56 Aug 23
Bish I ain't ready for no damn kid (I apologize for my awful grammar)
This reminds me of the book Blake read in the second episode in RWBY.
N-never read these in the school library again.....😳😳😳😳
_OtakuNeko_ _OtakuNeko_ Jun 06
*clears throat* well then....didn't know you have a tally chart...