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Beautiful Lies-In the editing process-

Beautiful Lies-In the editing process-

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Raven Stone is like every ordinary teenage girl. Goes to school, doesn't always do  what she is told, hangs out with friends.  All that normal teenage stuff. Raven has a secret though. Her boyfriend that everyone thinks is so perfect, really isn't. No one can see the bruises and marks on her skin. But under her long sleeve shirts and concealing clothes, she knows they are there.

SkiesofWinds SkiesofWinds Jul 29, 2011
@BeautifulLies Me too but I agree, they should not replace their pain with the need to cause pain to others. Yes it is very twisted beyond all reason :(
BeautifulLies BeautifulLies Jul 29, 2011
@SkiesofWinds =D  Exactly it! If  a person has home issues I feel for them, I really do but that's still no excuse to go be an ass to someone else. But, to intentionally hurt someone for fun and your own entertainment, that's twisted beyond all reason!
SkiesofWinds SkiesofWinds Jul 28, 2011
@BeautifulLies You're very welcome, and I know. Some humans are just not properly raised by their parents or have problems going on at home, while others do it to satisfy their crave to do harm. It makes me sick and sad too! :(
BeautifulLies BeautifulLies Jul 28, 2011
@SkiesofWinds Thank you!  It has happened to too many good people, it makes me sad and sick inside when another person just uses a human being. I'll never understand what people are capable of. Not sure I really want to.
SkiesofWinds SkiesofWinds Jul 28, 2011
@BeautifulLies My pleasure, I read ahead and it's really good! :D I know, and it sucks when people fall under the influence thinking that the other person is actually good and cares about them, when they are actually just using them. :(
BeautifulLies BeautifulLies Jul 26, 2011
@SkiesofWinds Thanks for checking out this story as well! I am so glad you like it. It does suck. That just goes  to show that she is surrounded by some not so good people =(