All She Ever Wanted

All She Ever Wanted

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Sixteen year old Ken, short for Kenya has always thought her desires were pretty simple. All she ever wanted was to stay under her overprotective fathers radar and get through high school without the drama, the stress, and the Highs & lows that come along with it. As she starts a new school in a new place, new people and new stuff  is to to keep to herself. No friends, no boys that's the motto. 

Cue Uriah Silvers. Smart, funny and definitely good looking.  She never expected to find herself right there in the spotlight of Malcom Hillridge High but that changes all thanks to him. Next thing she's knows she's stepping out of her she'll and transforming into a social butterfly with a best friend by her side helping her dig a little deeper when it comes to her dead sister.

What started as I don't-like-you relationship blossoms into more but will she let her sister's death hold her back? Or will she finally be able to start her own path and make her own choices when it comes 
to the boy whose not used to being denied. 

The boy who will be her kryptonite.


"I could've used your name but you wouldn't tell me what if was remember. And I'm not white. I'm mixed." He explained ."Good for you." I replied dryly
"Sure is, I get to have best of both worlds." He smiled. "Which translates to you get the white girls and the black girls."

"Me being mixed has nothing to do with that. I could get them both either way." 
"Cocky much?"
"I bet I could get you to be my girl."
That was the last straw. I saw what happened when a guy offered to let a girl be "his girl" just look at what happened to my sister Dominic. 

" I'd rather be dead and buried six feet under with my sister Dominic then have to be you're girl for even a single second." I sneered. 

His eyebrows went up in surprise as his mouth remained a bit open. I angled my body straight, focused on the whiteboard ahead and ignored him for the rest of the class. He wasn't worth a minute of my time. No one was.

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specialkburton specialkburton Mar 19, 2017
😏 I hope she can fight, cause she has a slick ass mouth 😂😂😂
Tistal Tistal Dec 30, 2015
I hate when people beat around the bush too! It's a waste of time and it's annoying.