Love Me

Love Me

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Alena Lee By asianprincess21 Updated Jun 29, 2017

"W-what?" I asked, my heart dropping to my stomach.

"Since your dad can't pay off his debt to me, he sold you to me." Mr. Marcos stated clearly, pressing up against me again.

"T-that's not...not true. He would never-" I started but he cut me off.

"Oh but he did gattina." He said caressing my cheek.

Then all of a sudden his hand clutched around my neck as I clawed at his hand and cried out in pain. Tears were now streaming down from my eyes as he leaned in close to my ear and whispered.

"You are mine now. I own you Avery. So don't even think about running from me because I can promise you fiorella, that I will find you and I will punish you. Understand?"


Avery Summers whole life is about to change when her dad sells her to New York's most dangerous, devilishly charming and powerful mafia boss and the #1 multi billionaire  of his own successful company Marcos Industries. But Adrian Marcos also has a dark secret, Avery is yet to find out. But what about Avery? Why is everyone after her? I guess everyone does have their secrets after all.

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YoureNotMee YoureNotMee Jan 22
                              That is a sight to behold😍😘
lloydlisa667 lloydlisa667 May 01, 2017
Hell I would be out for blood cuz "hell have no fury like a woman scorned" & that would be for both of them!!!!!!!!🔪😈
dasistguut dasistguut Nov 26, 2017
Am I the only one who finds him kinda gay? Not in a bad way he's just kind of idk
McKenzieTaylour McKenzieTaylour Aug 20, 2017
He be so dumb. I woulda just been like
                              "Dis necklace," holds up $2 necklace. "From my dead waifu. Means very much to me."
                              Bought necklace yesterday.
your_dreamergirl your_dreamergirl Nov 15, 2017
Our name is almost the same girl, mine is Aleyna. It has an 'y' within. 😊
-Princess_21- -Princess_21- Sep 15, 2017
No longer considering reading this. I saw my baby I'm down! Nick I freakin love you baby