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Half Empty, Half Full

Half Empty, Half Full

16.5K Reads 672 Votes 8 Part Story
Alo By nesmuecraft Updated May 10, 2016

Cover Art By; KelCasual

A (Sans x Reader) Fan-Fiction in which love, heartbreak, compassion, and determination all flourish; becoming the roots of an unbreakable bond.

kungfukookie kungfukookie Jul 11, 2016
                              You can't spell detirmination without termination!
                              GET DUNKED ON HUN!💀
H0m32tuckTr42h H0m32tuckTr42h Oct 16, 2016
I didn't know what 
                              I got into 
                              I couldn't go back even if I really wanted to, so what more can I do? 
                              Here in the end its just me and you
                              I didn't want to play by all the rules
                              Knife in hand I'm playing out the part of the fool 
                              Go ahead you can judge me thoroughly 
                              It's too late for apologies~
Sansy7484 Sansy7484 Dec 05, 2016
There's no one to save
                              This world will be your grave
                              Despite all the chances that you gave
nyaabear2000 nyaabear2000 Apr 30, 2016
Bad time sans I'm feeling like punching someone so I'd run if I was you
MikeandMikey MikeandMikey May 05, 2016
wait....why would you try not to like sans??? that just doesn't make any sense -.-
H0m32tuckTr42h H0m32tuckTr42h Oct 16, 2016
Everyone's like 'Sans no'  
                              And I'm over SANS YES 
                              MAKE THOSE PUNS