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Flavoring [Anti Septic X Darkiplier]

Flavoring [Anti Septic X Darkiplier]

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Muscle Hustle! By MatsuMania Updated Jan 03, 2016

Anti's Pov: I Lived With Dark For About Two Months, Well, Me And Anti Sam Did!

A Day Later: It Was Raining, I Pulled My Dollar Sign Hoodie Over My Head, I Didn't Want To Get My Hair Wet. I Scratched My Feet On The Welcome Mat Before I Opened The Door To Dark's House, "Dark! I'm Back!" I Yelled. "Dark?" I Looked Around, "Dark, This Isn't Funny!" I Said. I Checked His Room, He Wasn't There, Just His T-Shirt, Ripped Jeans, And Brown Sweatshirt. I Checked My Room, I Was Terrified. "Hello, Babe." Dark Was In His Boxers Lying On My Bed, While Romantic Music Played, And Candles Were Lit. "DARK! GET OUT OF MY ROOM!!!!" I Screamed, I Grabbed His Ankle With My Tentacles And Threw Him Out, I Licked My Fingers And Put Out Every Candle Lit Before Throwing The Music Box Out My Window. I Just Got Home, I Didn't Want Crap From NOBODY. I Sat Down On My Bed And Kicked Off My Shoes And Pulled Down My Jeans, Only To Reveal My Long Socks. I Changed Into My Septic Eye Hoodie Before Lying Down And Turning O...

"It's family game da-
                              "GET OUT MY ROOM MUM!"
                              Anybody else who got these vibes? XD
SAD JUST SAD *hugs dark then remembers he is in his boxers*
PurplePugLover19 PurplePugLover19 Nov 02, 2016
Aww no smut *pouts* I dont like this chapter! I WANT SMUT!!!!
DatBoi_04 DatBoi_04 Jan 30
Wait but why would u sleep in a closet and how big is this "closest" so many questions
Stuffname Stuffname Feb 28
I love long socks, but my preferred term is knee socks! (/^▽^)/
"Your wearing too much anti~"um no think he's good wearing what he has on (reads more)Is this hell