Assassin to the Prince of Death

Assassin to the Prince of Death

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Trackers. With their duel colored eyes, that tattoo on their faces, and their unusual gifts, its not a surprise why normal people are scared of them.

Lady Scarlett, or better known as Dark Tracker Scarlett, is all too familiar with others being afraid of her. Her freedom was taken from her because of her special powers that came on that horrible night. However, her fate of forever being feared and caged changes as Death comes and gives her a kiss, sending her to Death's Academy.

She didn't die, she was just recruited into the all male school to train with the most deadliest of trackers. Trackers that are to work for the hidden Prince of Death himself; if they can make it. 

As soon as Scarlett steps into the academy, trouble is already stirring. From the group of boys that she meets as soon as she opens her eyes to the mysterious Tracker Isaac, her fate is just starting to be spun.

New and old Kingdoms are going to war, taking more and more trackers to destroy each other. Death is ready for this war. However, something unknown is stopping him. 

He continues to stay hidden from the world, nobody knowing his face; yet toying with everyone all the same.

Follow Scarlett as she journeys through the twisted game called fate: meeting friends, foes, and old enemies that all want one thing... Death's little assassin; then Death's ending itself.

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hydrakiller hydrakiller Apr 07
if scarlett is life and isacc is death how will yhe child turn out
Already in love with this book. Great plot, characters, and writing. I'm voting.
Well then go ahead and kiss a random guy but get shocked to see you kissed a girl instead lmao 😂😂
Welp I can guess that she is not human   and that she is not just a tracker?  Many she is a demon, Angel, vampire, werewolf or many even a goddess?
sassbeacon sassbeacon Dec 01
Whaat nooo i'm a snail why do u think my name is lady scarlett
mmm I wonder why..... she is called LADY scarlet...but that couldn't mean anything...could it?!