Ronks Oneshot for Harrypotteriffic admin contest.

Ronks Oneshot for Harrypotteriffic admin contest.

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Katie By supapenguin98 Updated May 04, 2013

"I've told you before, I won't let you throw your life away to be with an old, ugly werewolf.  It's just not right, Nympha-"

"DON'T call me Nymphadora." interrupted Tonks.

Remus tried to hide a smile.  He loved how fierce Tonks could be, but of course he couldn't show that.  He didn't want to egg her on any further.

"Sorry," he continued, "must be habit by now.  Anyway, why on Earth would you want to tie yourself down to me?  I'm too old, too poor, and too dangerous."

Tonks let out a frustrated sigh.

"Am I not capable of deciding that for myself?" she insisted.

"Dora, it's not about capability.  Every month, you would risk your life by staying with me.  When my... condition... takes over, I can't remember anything.  I might attack you without even realising who you are."

"I'll take that risk!" she said, trying not to cry.  Why could Remus not see how much she loved him?

"I won't let you!" he shouted, his sudden burst of anger startling them both.  He sighed, and spoke much more...

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