Classic Tale of Beauty and the Beast ~Yandere! Tsundere! Sans X Shy! Reader~

Classic Tale of Beauty and the Beast ~Yandere! Tsundere! Sans X Shy! Reader~

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Y/n L/n is a 13 year old that has been living with Toriel since her childhood. However when the young teenager asks Toriel to retrieve her a simple flower, her guardian is caught in quite in a predicament.

Sans is a lonely skeleton that has an eye for a young human girl of the name Y/n. However he never has gotten the chance to confess his feelings for the young woman. But one day, Toriel ends up in his garden in search of a flower. Sans proposes the deal of Y/n staying with him or else something terrible will happen. 

When Y/n accepts his deal, she's put through an adventure as she has to learn to love the sadistic, cold skeleton that loves her with all his heart. Will Y/n survive? Will Sans have his love by his side forever? Will the Underworld be safe from Sans' wrath? Read and find out!
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T-T-Toriel!! I know you want to keep me safe but s a v e  m e
I'm not sure if I should be happy with Goat mom of loving (Y/N) or weirded with her stalking reader :/
ProphecyDragon ProphecyDragon Jun 22, 2017
Wait, how old is he? Why would he want to marry a kid 20 years younger than him?
Totallynotaghost Totallynotaghost Apr 01, 2017
Roses are red
                              Thorns are prickly 
                              Might I just say
                              That escalated quickly.
ProphecyDragon ProphecyDragon Jun 22, 2017
Dont.... let.... him... NEAR... Me... like what the heck tori!? Your just going to let him in my room when im sleeping?! I dont know him yet!
ProphecyDragon ProphecyDragon Jun 22, 2017
Tories: how sans?
                              Sans: magggggggic! Jk I'm a wizard get dunked on!!!!!
                              Y/ n: ohhhhhhhh! You just did that! 
                              *high five*