Classic Tale of Beauty and the Beast ~Yandere! Tsundere! Sans X Shy! Reader~

Classic Tale of Beauty and the Beast ~Yandere! Tsundere! Sans X Shy! Reader~

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Y/n L/n is a 13 year old that has been living with Toriel since her childhood. However when the young teenager asks Toriel to retrieve her a simple flower, her guardian is caught in quite in a predicament.

Sans is a lonely skeleton that has an eye for a young human girl of the name Y/n. However he never has gotten the chance to confess his feelings for the young woman. But one day, Toriel ends up in his garden in search of a flower. Sans proposes the deal of Y/n staying with him or else something terrible will happen. 

When Y/n accepts his deal, she's put through an adventure as she has to learn to love the sadistic, cold skeleton that loves her with all his heart. Will Y/n survive? Will Sans have his love by his side forever? Will the Underworld be safe from Sans' wrath? Read and find out!
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-Enjoy! :)

Outer_Star5 Outer_Star5 Nov 02
1. "Shiver in delight..." hum...*cough*
                              2.My parents hate me 😱😱😭😭😭
                              3. Will I have a crush on Sans now?
Caleightheawsome Caleightheawsome 4 days ago
please no nightmare Sans. Bro. I found a Sans. "Stoutland I choose you!" :D "Protect me ftom that skeleton!"
Outer_Star5 Outer_Star5 Nov 02
I don't care if he a pedo, its interesting either way. ❤️
Wow. Sans, if you touch me, Gabe will make his way down from the surface and slap you, and then he'll drink your ketchup, cause he's weird like that
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