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Classic Tale of Beauty and the Beast ~Yandere! Tsundere! Sans X Shy! Reader~

Classic Tale of Beauty and the Beast ~Yandere! Tsundere! Sans X Shy! Reader~

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VilliansRule By VilliansRule Updated Feb 26

Y/n L/n is a 13 year old that has been living with Toriel since her childhood. However when the young teenager asks Toriel to retrieve her a simple flower, her guardian is caught in quite in a predicament.

Sans is a lonely skeleton that has an eye for a young human girl of the name Y/n. However he never has gotten the chance to confess his feelings for the young woman. But one day, Toriel ends up in his garden in search of a flower. Sans proposes the deal of Y/n staying with him or else something terrible will happen. 

When Y/n accepts his deal, she's put through an adventure as she has to learn to love the sadistic, cold skeleton that loves her with all his heart. Will Y/n survive? Will Sans have his love by his side forever? Will the Underworld be safe from Sans' wrath? Read and find out!
-Images/Videos/Characters don't belong to me unless I say so
-You belong to Sans
-Enjoy! :)

Why do I keep reading this? WHY!?!?!? Also author-chan why did you make sans like this?! You are doing a great job so far keep it up.
Yo, then soon she'll be like...
                              " You are filled with CURIOSITY "
                              If she ever finds the hole or barrier
GET OUTTA HERE U EVIL LENNY FACES!!! *Hits with broomstick* SHOO!!!!!!!!!
LIES!!!!! THE FLITHY SKELETON LLLLLIIIIIIEEEEESSSS!!!!  Tell if you get that reference
Marry your daughter 
                              And make her my wife
                              I want her to be the only girl that I'll love for the rest of my life
                              Sorry I could not help it when I read , "...marry her daughter."