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Prairie Winds

Prairie Winds

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s e r e i n By lune_serein Updated Mar 08

"The horse is as precious as bison and sweet-grass. They are the speed of our arrows and the touch of the wind. When the hunt starts, they do not falter."

It's 1750 on the plains of Canada, and the world as Little Foot and her tribe know it is on the brink of a momentous change. Rumours of European settlers and fur traders trickle in from the west, and the aboriginal's once simple way of life is being upheaved. Horses are at the heart of clan tensions, inciting raids and violence. The world has opened up under the rhythm of hoofbeats; nothing will ever be the same. 

An aboriginal girl named Little Foot feels like the catalyst in her tribe's issues. With a knack for riding and an aptitude with her bow, not even the most proud of men deny her utility in the hunt, though the elders can certainly grumble about it. What would they say if they knew Little Foot has set her aspirations even higher? She and her horse, Scream, are itching to prove themselves as warriors, but to have a women in battle is unheard of - and dangerous.

A story of love, courage, and identity.

NovemberRider NovemberRider Feb 19, 2016
                              Ohmygosh. This might be one of your best yet. The original plot, coupled with your incredible writing skills.... my goodness. This was perfection upon perfection. ♡♡♡
ruffi-ann ruffi-ann Feb 10
You have such beautiful language! I'm a sucker for description and you've absolutely captivated me.
redbadge redbadge Nov 24, 2015
It's true though...there's nothing quite like galloping bareback!
                              I can't wait to see how this story unfolds with your masterful writing skills!