BTS x Reader | ❃

BTS x Reader | ❃

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love yourself 💕︎ bts By airycakepop Completed

You're friend is a crazy fan of BTS and she tries to get you involved. You kind of like it and continue with your stuff. One day you bump into someone...and everything changes. What happens next?


Started: 11/23/15
Ended: 12/16/15

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DJZeroSix06 DJZeroSix06 Dec 13, 2017
Me be like before letting my younger cousin go on a date😂😂
cinamontwix26 cinamontwix26 a day ago
The description caught my attention because it literally talks about my friend in real life who has been trying to get me into bits and now over protective parents literally me lol
_pobeee_ _pobeee_ Dec 27, 2017
Mmmmmmmmmmm Byun Baekhyun smells delicious right? *insert Taehyung's iconic smirk with his pupils on the corner of his eyes*
Xx_-AkaiSan-_xX Xx_-AkaiSan-_xX Dec 22, 2017
So.. the story is... I bring a pocket knife, a sharp key, and a swift army knife with me at all times. Sometimes pepper spray. But my dad keeps a lot of weapons in the car.. I’ll only say some.. a bow, a machete, a handle of a axe, and he also carries a pocket knife at all times.
AnimalCrossing177 AnimalCrossing177 Dec 17, 2017
Jaehee was the 1st Name that Popped to My Mind but @EctoplasmicClaws lets GO
RainbowsAndYatocorns RainbowsAndYatocorns Dec 28, 2017
Pepper spray is illegal in my country
                               (;^ω^)looks like I'mma have to have to go in blazing with my fists!! Give em the ole one, two!! (≧▽≦)