BTS x Reader | ❃

BTS x Reader | ❃

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love yourself 💕︎ bts By airycakepop Completed

You're friend is a crazy fan of BTS and she tries to get you involved. You kind of like it and continue with your stuff. One day you bump into someone...and everything changes. What happens next?


Started: 11/23/15
Ended: 12/16/15

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Bro if you just graduated college then you don’t need their permission anyway
Imagine just waking up from a nightmare and seeing Jungkook stare into your soul
I wish :') I'm learning japanese, and i'm planning on learning korean after i'm fluent in japanese. Because why not?
JuminHan606 JuminHan606 Apr 10
I dont anyone to tell me to bring the last two cause I WOULD Im not paraniod but just incase ne I always forget my phone though
I always carry a pocket knife whatchu mean- FOR SAFETY PURPOSES I SWEARRR
Boi my parents would be like bish you ground for not telling us sooner