He Stole My Heart

He Stole My Heart

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Pulling my strap of my backpack up I ran into someone making me drop my skate board. I bent down and went to pick it up when a hand touched mine, ignoring it and picking up my skate board I finally looked at them. He had light blue eyes and brown hair that was messy.

"Sorry sweetheart. I didn't see your pretty face there." He apologized while scratching his neck.

"It's fine." I answered quickly pulling my gaze away from him.

A awkward silence swept over us until a loud familiar female voice yelled from the other side of the hallway. "Kat!"

I sighed as I heard my best friends voice. Natasha hugged me then grabbed my hand dragging me away from the scene. Natasha drug me into the cafeteria and we sat down at a table that was in the far right corner of the room. She smiled at me.

"Spill." I grinned.


Katie walked in the dark with a normal routine that she did everyday. Until Dallas Parker came to town.

Dani_5sos_ Dani_5sos_ Dec 30, 2016
Some legends are told some turn to dust and to gold but you will remember me remember me for centuries
hyper_on_steroids hyper_on_steroids Jan 09, 2016
Awwww I'm so happy you dedicated this to me😍😍😍😍 this was probably my favorite chapter before you did this, now I like it even more