The Artist & The Punk (Reader X Punk Levi) Modern AU smut/lemon

The Artist & The Punk (Reader X Punk Levi) Modern AU smut/lemon

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(Name) was forced to move to the city of Shinganshina and going to Shinganshina high school on her junior year. After her parents went through a divorce a father who doesn't want to do with anything with her. A mother who's now in prison for beating (Name) up, blaming her for the divorce of her parents. She is still haunted by the abuse of her mother and  (Name) wants nothing more than to be free from her parents and show the world her talent. 

Levi Ackerman a cold, sadist, punk junior who wants nothing more than to get by with life. Live the way he wants too. He catches his eye on the new girl (Name) in school and is quite drawn by her. However he doesn't want the sweet, innocent (Name) be in his dark, dangerous life, but he can't stop this new feeling he has for her.

Two people who have broken families and want to be free from the pain from their past. But, when one of them falls victim in an fight, and protects the other. They maybe the only ones that can free each other from their past.

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Um I have asthma, non agile, healthy as a fat potato, salty as a French fry, as pale as a ghost, and hair like Annie from Aot not the musical
PippenPlays PippenPlays Feb 06
If we didn't like blood or abuse why would we watch Attack on Titan? wwww.
niethearties niethearties Aug 21, 2017
I read all of this and I'm thinking of drawing some of the scenes in this fanfiction 😊
I’m about as healthy as that French Fry stuck behind the fridge
Emo_Dadyee Emo_Dadyee 3 days ago
Thats just a lot of information to just give out and to a person you just meet
MaddieTheShadow MaddieTheShadow 7 days ago
Ahh, the horse jokes are back. At least they aren’t Marco jokes. But most of them aren’t half bad...