The Lightning Thief       Annabeth's POV       (ON HOLD)

The Lightning Thief Annabeth's POV (ON HOLD)

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Six Fingered Man By omgitshappenning Updated Jan 08, 2016

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Annabeth is a daughter of Athena. She's longed for a quest ever since she arrived at camp half-blood. But what happens when she gets her wish? 

The Lightning Thief in Annabeth's POV. I just really enjoy writing from Annabeth's perspective and wanted to give this a try. So since I stink at descriptions, without further ado you may click that READ button and read it. 


Oh, one more thing. I despise doing these every single chapter, so here's one for the overall book: 

DISCLAIMER: I am not Rick Riordan. (Sadly) I do not own the plot, the characters or really anything in the book except my author notes and a couple OCs I squeezed in as Annabeth's cabin mates and people they see on the yeah.

Happy reading.

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