collide ⚡ barry allen [2]

collide ⚡ barry allen [2]

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megan By smoakchester Updated Nov 06

"Maybe Oliver was right."
"Oliver? What are you talking about?"
"Being with me puts you in danger. It's not worth the risk."

The day Barry almost saved his mother was the day everything changed. He purposely left things as they were so everyone could be happy. But the opposite happened. Lives were lost and new threats were looming. Barry took on all the guilt and Spencer couldn't handle the pain, causing both of them to push everyone they cared about away. Including each other.

Now, six months after that day, Team Flash reunites to fight against new enemies, travel to new worlds and race against time. Unfortunately for Spencer and Barry, time was never really on their side. 

[season 2] [barry/oc]

That's what you said last time and you ended up in bed with him
What makes this hurt worse is the fact that Amazed by Lonestar is playing on my radio in the background…
Laurpeanut Laurpeanut Sep 22
NOOOO WHERES BARRY?????!!!!!?????!!!!!?????!!!!!??????!!????!????!!??!??!!
-flashback -flashback Nov 07
The one part towards the end during the wedding I think where Spencer just all like screw this and kisses Barry