With All My Heart (And a firm hand)

With All My Heart (And a firm hand)

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OneDirectionWriter7 By OneDirectionWriter7 Updated Jul 12, 2014

Back before One Direction was formed on The X-Factor, the judges had the four older bandmembers - Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn - picked out but they couldn’t help but feel that something was missing. At the same time, they didn’t want to waste an amazing Irish boy's - Niall - obvious talent, so they decided to take a risk and place the young Irish boy in the band even though he was a couple years younger than the others. 
As they got further and further in the competition, the stress became too much for Niall, causing him to act out. There was a week where it became too bad. He was rude to anyone who got near him and he didn’t care about practicing or anything else. In the end, Zayn had enough. He snapped, which resulted in Niall getting a hard spanking in front of the other members of One Direction. They figured out that the discipline helped bringing their innocent, little boy back. The innocent little angel they had come to love. 

The judges’ risk paid off in the end and now Niall is the glue of the band.

Now almost 3 years since The X-Factor the boys live together in a big house in London. They still function like a family and Niall is still getting spanked when he breaks the rules. But the most important thing is that they love each other and they all watch out for one another.

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natalie_360 natalie_360 Dec 11, 2016
@OneDirectionWriter7 where did you get that video clip at the top from?  x
Looks like very interesting to me to keep on reading this story.
White_Rose_1 White_Rose_1 Jul 20, 2014
"They were all itching to touch the blonde boy" 
                              Do you have ANY idea how BAD that sounds like rape?
irritant irritant Jul 20, 2014
There's something I don't understand. Why bring down the boxers? Don't they know that they just let his um...stuff...out? Lol XD
OneDirectionWriter7 OneDirectionWriter7 May 05, 2013
@blairestyles thank you so much. It really means a lot to me! I'm working on a new chapter right now :)
blairestyles blairestyles May 05, 2013
a lot of people who wrote these kid of stories cannot write, but you are a very good author. can't eat for the next chapter :)