Student and Tutor || Sebaciel Fanfic AU ||

Student and Tutor || Sebaciel Fanfic AU ||

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Dee By cielthewatchdog Updated Dec 03, 2016

All Ciel Phantomhive ever wanted was to have a normal life, to be like all the other kids his age. Sadly that wasn't the life handed to him.
He received a torturous fate twisted and carved so he never experienced the concept of mercy. With scars all over his wrists to show his pain, a story hidden behind the eyepatch he bares, and a mental illness making him never forget the sorrows of his past all are a constant reminder that he can only imagine what being normal is like.

That is until he moves to a new neighborhood; there he meets an attractive senior, Sebastian Michaelis, who is one of the most popular boys in school. The two males are on total opposite ends of the social spectrum making it impossible for them to be together. But the tables turn for the better when he is told he has to tutor Sebastian.

They both can find out what it means to love, but will these two forbidden lovers be able to survive the hardships of high school life?

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raycharu raycharu Nov 29, 2016
I wish ciel knew that there are hundreds of fangirls that love him so much :,,) i love you so much ciel
surenya surenya Dec 11, 2016
Where I live it drops to -8° Fahrenheit..... 45° is nice out to me, still have to wear some sort of jacket but nice nonetheless...
raycharu raycharu Nov 29, 2016
"Daily self-loathing period". I wonder how much people can relate to ciel herr
Demon_Soul_Of_Death Demon_Soul_Of_Death Dec 10, 2016
You shouldn't bring it to school if you're worry about bullies
kawaiishark kawaiishark Feb 02, 2016
I flucking love you for making ciel emo and I'm literally listening to mcr as I read this