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{As of 2/19/17 this story will begin to be rewritten.}

Emery grew up in the lower class. So working for a rich man is a dream come true. Cleaning his house might not be where the money is but it provides her with a place to say, as her job description says: Live-in Housekeeper.
For the first two months, she doesn't see the man who provides her with food, a place to stay, and money. Her boss is a mystery man who lives in a mansion. When she finally meets him, they have an odd connection.
While she is cleaning his room one day, he walks into the bedroom, wearing nothing. "Oh my gosh!" She shrieks. "I'm so sorry!"
A deep rumble sounds in the room as he chuckles. "Stay." He says. "I've noticed the way you sway your hips rock back in forth when you walk. The way your uniform barely covers your ass. I could use your company."
And that's how it all began.

WARNING: Mature Content.

All Rights Reserved. 
©2015 by G.M. Garcia

I see y'all. You and the younger sis aye? 😂😂😂😂😂
elnorap elnorap 3 days ago
How he gone invite her out, friend zone her, then act funny. Hell no i would leave too
Victoriadolan Victoriadolan Oct 31, 2016
Somehow I think of Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer HAHAHAHA ignore me.pls
im_fxne im_fxne Aug 03, 2016
This story doe💙💙the grammar and punctuation and everything is great! That's all I ask for in a story😂😂
MissBecky0715 MissBecky0715 Sep 18, 2016
There's a trick I learned for that😂😂 out ur left hand in a b and right hand in a d... B=bread and D=drink😂😂
sugarbaby2869 sugarbaby2869 Mar 02, 2016
Liam and danielle are dating and her sister emery doesn't know about them dating one another yet.as the saying says hell hath no fury but emery is going to have a lot of fury,hate and betrayal of her sister danielle hoing after the boy that she loved since kindergarten.