Heroes of Olympus (Characters x Reader)

Heroes of Olympus (Characters x Reader)

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BlueIceWolf By BlueIceWolf Updated Jan 10

Just as the title states.

(For people who have requested, I apologise for the long wait. The one shots you see are going to be the edited versions of the previous ones. I hope you don't mind waiting, though they will get done, I promise you that)

Requests are open

alexxdotcom alexxdotcom Jan 29
Wow Annabeth. Tell him he's dense just before you tell him you like him. 😑
nekuswaifu nekuswaifu Dec 26, 2016
I totally dont have a temper like zeus
                              *rages at video game*
nekuswaifu nekuswaifu Dec 26, 2016
Touched by a letter?
                              That hot fcker needs to marry me not make letters
Remzilina Remzilina Feb 07, 2016
For some reason I thought that said "If you want to kill him." And I was like "WAIT WHAT!?" And re-read it
*smashes the third or fourth wall and watches from the shadows*
                              Well might as well start planning your funeral
                              It was nice knowing you
                              Would you like blue or white or both flowers?
animoo_lover_forever animoo_lover_forever Jun 26, 2016
I don't know why, but I see these kind of sentences a lot in Jason x reader fanfictions.