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Orphan Girl

Orphan Girl

467K Reads 9.1K Votes 35 Part Story
Claire By Fastucaa Completed

Oakley has no one. No family and most definitely no friends. She doesn't fit in anywhere and she gets that. There isn't any point in trying to after all those years of being bullied by her peers. It's not only school that she doesn't fit in at, but also at home. Sharing a house with fifteen little kids that she isn't related to can get pretty difficult sometimes. That's what you get living in a Orphanage. Oakley's always being pushed around, and forced to work all the time. Although she is used to it, it would still be nice to have someone to talk to about it. Scott enters Oakley's life with big hopes and dreams to make her happy. Although maybe wolf boy Scott is the complete opposite of what Oakley needs. 
Tune in and read to find out what happens on the whirl wide ride between Oakley and Scott. 
Claire Fastuca - copyright 2012

qveenashley14 qveenashley14 Dec 09, 2016
Gurl in the business world translators get that 💰💰💰!!! Your better learn all the languages in the world!!
wannabe_hoe wannabe_hoe Dec 10, 2016
I was getting really exited while I was reading the description, thinking that this would be a good book. Then I saw the word werewolf and I got really disappointed. Goddamn it, I had high hopes for this book too
Busted_PJ Busted_PJ Feb 16
Don't forget in the shower on the toliet watching tv,eating,laughing basically everywhere
803072506syd 803072506syd Dec 21, 2016
True in my class we had exchange students form France, and they came to learn English, and we didn't have to learn French.
g4m3r4l1f3 g4m3r4l1f3 Dec 24, 2016
I hate when people throw around minute(s)
                              I glared at him for a FEW minutes
                              Few: three or more
                              In my school If I stared at someone for a few minutes "even if they knew what they did" I would be called a fag' instantly.
DoreinHayles DoreinHayles Dec 28, 2016
Man learning other languages is very important. I can speak 4 languages but I only need two of the four and am still learning more unfortunately